What Kinds of Horse Tack are Necessary for Horseback Riding?

What Kinds of Horse Tack are Necessary for Horseback Riding?

There are numerous kinds of horse tack and supplies available in the market, and they are necessary for safe horseback riding for both the rider and the horse.


Basic horseback riding equipment to begin riding include saddle, saddle pad or blanket, cinch or girth, bridle, and stirrups. Additional horse tack includes headstalls and halters, reins, bits, and spurs and spur straps. Make sure to prepare the horse tack that are appropriate for your horse and the occasion.


Appropriate clothing for the horseback rider include comfortable but sturdy riding pants, riding gloves, riding helmets, riding boots, and riding shirts. Choosing the right riding garments for the rider is crucial as they not only keep the rider comfortable, but also warm and safe from injuries.


Apart from the usual horse tack, some horses or occasions require the horses to wear protective leg boots. Protective leg boots like bell boots, overreach boots, medicine boots, and wraps prevent common injuries in horses when riding.


If your interest is in participating in a traditional rodeo event of calf roping, a rider would need to select a rope that suits the purpose. There are different kinds of ropes such as calf rope, head rope, heel rope, youth rope, and revolver dummy rope for kids. It would be also safe to use a protective vest, rodeo glove, and rodeo helmet to protect the rider from injuries.

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