Ever since the western boots were originally designed for horse riding centuries ago, their popularity continues to this day. There are many types and styles of western boots available for both men and women to choose from, whether the need is for horse riding, dancing, working, or everyday wear for comfort or fashion.


Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are the most common and iconic style of riding boots, originally worn by cowboys. Cowboy boots can be distinguished from other types of western boots by its high shaft that comes up to at least mid-calf and angled heel that is usually an inch or higher. Cowboy boots usually have pointed, rounded, or squared toes. Cowboy boots made from quality leather can last many years of riding, dancing or everyday wear.



Ropers are a newer style of western boots that was originally designed with rodeo cowboys in calf-roping events in mind. Ropers have shorter shaft that comes up to just above the ankle, which make it a shortest type of boot in western boots. Ropers have low, squared heels that are usually less than an inch. Ropers are lace-up boots with rounded toes and flexible sole to provide comfortable fit and great ankle support.


Work Boots

Work boots design focus on function and safety. Work boots have lower heels to give more comfort to the feet and the soles are designed to give traction and stability. Work boots often include steel and composite toes to protect the feet at a rough work environment. 


Riding Boots

Like the name indicates, riding boots are designed for horse riding, and good riding boots require a number of safety features. To protect the rider’s legs from injuries from the saddle, riding boots usually have tall shafts. Riding boots also have high angled heels to prevent the riders’ feet from sliding through the stirrups, although modern riding boot designs tend to have low heels.


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