Hat Cleaning & Shaping

Cowpokes Hat Department

Something we find is that some customers do not realize we have an in-house hat department. That allows us to offer hat cleaning, stretching, starching and or crown and brim shaping for your existing hat(s) or newly purchased hat(s). Please bear in mind that some crowns, straw and or wool/felt, may not be able to have their crown reshaped due to its current shape, material, aging, etc. But that is something our hat department can review and discuss with you.

Had your hat smashed at the rodeo or while working outside?

Depending on the hat material and extent of cleaning needed, hat cleanings range from $10-$30. But you will get a free cleaning, shaping and stretching (if needed), at the time of purchase, with each newly purchased hat.

Hat Shaping

General hat shaping ranges from $5-$20, depending on the extent of the work wanted or needed as well as if you’re wanting the crown and or brim shaped. Usually, straw hat crowns and or brims are not able to be reshaped due to the nature of and or condition of the straw and protective coating. Shaping works best with the individual wearing the hat, as we do our best to make sure the shaping is visually centered on them. While our shaping is done in person in-store, we can shape hats for online order customers as well. We obviously are unable to provide the same guarantee without it being worn in person for online customers. But we are able to shape them and visually center the shaping based on the hat centerline.

Other services to help you with your hat needs are:




$3.00 - $5.00

Brim Trimming

$5.00 - $10.00

Need something for storing or transporting your hat?

Depending on inventory, cardboard hat boxes are available for $18.00. Or we also carry hat retainers, hat rests, hat carrier backpacks and hard hat cans for purchase! We also carry hat bands and decorative accents to help clean, brighten or bling up your hat.


  • NEVER leave your hat in a hot vehicle as it will damage the shape and structure of your hat
  • ALWAYS set your hat down crown first to protect your brim, unless you are using a hat retainer/carrier or can (think of it as a bucket and you’ll pour out all your luck if you set it down brim first)

Have a question, or curious if we can help with something regarding your hat? Give us a call at 765-642-3911 or send us an email at customerservice@cowpokesonline.com.