Shoofly Leggins Pony/Donkey Blue Set

STYLE #18729-4


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Fly-Bite Protection For Horses; Stop The Stomp With The Patented Shoofly Leggins; Plastic Mesh Does Not Allow Biting Flies (Deer, Horse, And Horn) To Penetrate; Loose-Fitting And Chemical Free Leggins Help Prevent Painful Fly Bites And Reduce Stressful Stomping Which Leads To Hoof Damage And Leg Fatigue; Helps Prevent Botflies From Laying Eggs And Causing Botfly Larvae Infestation; Helps Reduce Joint Irritation, Hoof Problems, Inflammation, And Muscle Fatigue Caused By Continuous Stomping; Helps Speed Healing Time Of Abrasions And Wounds By Allowing Air flow; Does Not Restrict Blood Flow Or Range Of Motion; Easy To Attach, Comfortable To Wear; Will Not Sag Due To Unique Sewn-In Plastic Stays; Heavy-Duty Velcro Ensures Durability And Wearability; Lower Edge Is Finished In Black Mesh To Eliminate Embedded Wild Oats, Burrs, And Foxtails; Set Of 4; Measures Approximately: 9.5″ Length x 11″ Bottom Circumference x 12″ Top Circumference; Size: Pony/Donkey; Color: Blue; Style #18729-4

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 5 in

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